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Archive Window


This window allows you to set your archive options and start archiving your mail.  It remembers previous settings used, so if you cancel an archiving operation you can easily continue from where you left off.

Archive Folder

Use the browse for folder button to select the folder you wish to archive.  Optionally select the Include Subfolders option to also archive any folders within the one you specify.  To archive your entire mailbox, select the top-level folder (e.g. Personal Folders or Mailbox) and select Include Subfolders.

If you select Only archive email, then any items that are not mail items (e.g. calendar items) will not be archived.  Note that contact items are never archived.

Archive File

Enter the name you wish to give your archive file in the Name box.  This name will be used as the basis for the archive file name, and the date will be added to it (e.g. if you archive by year, the archive filenames will be archive-2007.pst, etc.).

The path is where the archives will be saved.  Click the browse button to select the required path.

Archive Options

Select a date from which to archive items.  Any items on or before this date will be moved to the archive, but any newer items will be left alone.

You then choose the archive type.  This decides which archive file an item will be moved into (files will be created as necessary).  By Year will create a new archive file for each year found, and by month does this by month.  To archive everything to a single file, select that option.

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