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The Menu


The Rules Manager menu sits between the Tools and the Actions menu on the Outlook menu bar, and appears as shown above (for the full version - the demo has additional items).

Rules Menu

This menu allows you to edit your rules.  You can view them in two ways, by group or simply as a list of rules.  Groups are defined and selected as you create new rules, it is up to you how they are organised.  The standard view allows you to search and filter rules, which means that when you have hundreds of rules you can find particular ones quickly and simply.

You can also run rules on particular folders from this menu (Run Rules...).  By default, Rules Manager only watches the Inbox and the Sent Items folder.  Once an item has been processed, it won't be processed again - so if you want to catch up on old rules, or process rules against different folders, you need to manually start this.

Finally you can import and export rules.  If you have Outlook 2007, you are able to import most types of Outlook rule directly into Rules Manager.  You can also import and export rules from Rules Manager itself so that you can transfer them from one machine to another (or even one Outlook profile to another).

Antispam Menu

From here you can view/edit a list of blocked senders (any senders on this list will have their email moved immediately to the Junk Email folder).  You can also reset the antispam database if required, and train it against known good and known bad email.

Note: by default antispam is disabled in Rules Manager.  This is because until there is enough data (at least ten known good and bad items), all messages will be moved into the Junk Suspects folder.  On a fresh installation, if Junk filtering were enabled before you configured it, all your messages would disappear from your Inbox into Junk Suspects.

Tools Menu

From here you can Rename Attachments (simply allows you to rename any attachments in a message) and start the Archive function.

Support Menu

This menu provides links to support (documentation and the forums), which will open in your default browser.  There is also a version check facility so that you can ensure that you are running the latest version of Rules Manager.

Other Buttons

Statistics opens a window giving information about Rules Manager, including the number of rules and number of emails processed.  You can also access the Rules Manager log from here.

Options opens a window allowing you to configure various aspects of Rules Manager, including toolbar buttons.  Rules Manager can be disabled completely from here, or certain features turned on or off (e.g. Junk mail, incoming and outgoing monitoring).

About shows licence information and version information.

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