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The Toolbar


The picture above shows the toolbar with all available options present.  You can hide or show various buttons as required from the Options window.  Not all buttons are visible by default.

Below details what each of the buttons is for.

If you type a folder name in the drop-down box and press <ENTER>, Rules Manager will attempt to locate the folder for you. If successful, it will change the view so that you are looking at the folder.  If the folder cannot be found, the Find Folder window is displayed showing all possible matches (if any). The drop-down list contains the last folders searched for, so this can be used as a quick way to jump to common folders.  Clicking on Go to folder directly opens the Find Folder window directly.

Pressing this button when an email is selected (in any folder) will display the Quick Add Rule window. It allows you to add a rule quickly, though not all rules are supported by this method.

This button allows you to rename any attachments found on the currently selected message.

This button tells Rules Manager that the currently selected email(s) is (are) spam. When this button is pressed, any emails selected are moved to Junk E-mail, and their contents analysed. The more spam that is classified this way, the more accurate the antispam system is.

This button is only available when viewing the Junk Email folder or the Junk Suspects folder. Use it to tell Rules Manager that the currently selected item(s) is (are not) spam. It is very important that messages incorrectly categorised as spam are recovered this way so that Rules Manager can learn. See the Antispam pages for full information.

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