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Rule Filter

Available since version 1.9.1

You can filter the list of rules displayed in the Standard Management window to list only particular rules.  When you click Filter, the filter window is displayed:

To add criteria to the filter, select the particular field you are searching for from the first dropdown box at the top (there are various choices including Sent from, Received by, and Enabled), and then select a comparison option.  For most fields, the comparison is either is (exactly) or contains. The comparison decides how the text entered in the text box is compared to the rule value.  Once you have specified the criteria, click Add to add it to the filter list.


Sent from is (exactly)
This will only show rules that have specified as the sender address.

Received by contains domain
This will show any rules that have a recipient whose email address contains domain (e.g. will be shown)

You can choose to have multiple filter combined in one of two ways.  If you select Match ANY criteria, then any rule that matches any one of the specified criteria will be included in the list.  If you select Match ALL criteria, then only rules that match every one of the specified criteria will be included in the filtered list.

Once you have specified the filter, click Apply to close the filter window and apply the selection(s) to the list.  The filter can be edited by clicking Filter from the Manage Rules window - the currently applied filter (if there is one) is shown and you can add or remove criteria as needed.