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Manage Rules


Rule List

The top part of the window shows a list of rules and their actions, and also whether the rule is currently enabled. When the window is first open, no filter is applied and all rules are displayed in order of priority (i.e. which rule is processed first, topmost rule being the first to be processed). If a filter has been applied (see below), then only those rules matching the filter are shown, but are still ordered by priority.

When a rule is selected, a full description of its criteria and actions is displayed in the Rule Description window (see below). Additionally, other buttons become enabled (such as the change priority buttons and the edit/delete buttons).  You can edit the rule directly using the rule description pane (click on the part to be changed), or launch a wizard to edit it by clicking Edit Rule.

To disable a rule, remove the tick next to it (by clicking on it) - changes are applied immediately and the rule is immediately disabled.  To enable it again, click the box to bring back the tick mark.

Rule Description

This shows in detail all the criteria and actions pertaining to the rule.

Any detail in blue and underlined can be changed. Click on the blue text to edit the criteria or action.

Button Panel

At the bottom of the window is a panel containing all the available buttons.

New Rule...

This opens the Outlook style New Rule window. This is used to add a new rule (it offers the full range of rules, unlike the Quick Add Rule window which is invoked from the toolbar).

Edit Rule...

This is available only when a rule is selected. When clicked, it opens the Outlook style rule editing window to allows the currently selected rule to be amended.

Delete Rule...

If confirmed, this will delete the currently selected rule.


This opens the Filter window which allows you to limit the rules shown to only those that match a specified filter.

Find..., Find Next

Clicking Find will prompt for text to search for.  On clicking ok, the next list entry containing the given text will be located and highlighted.  Once the first Find is specified, the Find Next button is available which will locate further matches.

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