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To disable Rules Manager  (no mail will be processed automatically), untick Enable Rules Manager.

To disable (or enable) specific parts of Rules Manager, tick or untick each option as appropriate.  By default incoming and outgoing mail processing is enabled, but junk filtering isn't.  If you enable junk filtering and the spam database is empty (or doesn't have enough data), then all new messages (to which a rule does not apply) will be moved to the Junk Suspects folder, and you will have to specify whether they are in fact spam or not.

To delay processing of mail, enter a value (or use the arrows to increase/decrease the value) by which to delay processing (this is in minutes, and can be up to 24 hours maximum).  If a delay is set, mail will not be processed until it's received time is older than the current time minus the delay.  This feature is required for Blackberry users as if RM is enabled without a delay, any message that is processed and moved from the inbox would not then be received by the Blackberry.

The Support Outlook Profiles option is by default enabled.  This means that a new rules database (which includes antispam data and most settings) is used for each Outlook profile.  If you want to use the same database for multiple profiles, untick this box and browse to a location in which the database should be stored.

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