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Do not check for duplicates when filing messages

If this option is selected, then any mail item that is copied or moved to another folder (by a rule) will be moved regardless of whether it has already been moved or copied there (which could result in duplicate items).  If unticked, then Rules Manager will check the folder for an existing identical message - and if one exists, it won't copy or move an item.

Search all mailboxes for folder

If selected, then if a folder specified by a rule is missing, then Rules Manager will search all mailboxes when trying to locate it.

Assume folder cache valid on startup

If selected, then the folder cache that is built on startup will be skipped, and the last built folder cache will be assumed to be correct.  The folder cache is fundamental to Rules Manager's ability to quickly find folders.
Note: this option is currently not implemented - the folder cache will always be built on startup.

Rebuild folder cache if folder not found

If selected, if Rules Manager fails to find a matching folder (either for a rule, or for any of the folder find functions), then it will rebuild the folder cache.


By default logging is enabled, but verbose logging isn't.  Verbose logging writes a lot of data to the log file, and is used only when diagnosing problems.  It is recommended not to enable verbose logging (except when requested due to a support issue or similar).

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